The mission of Impact Public Schools is to prepare a diverse student population to succeed in college and impact communities as the next generation of equity-driven, innovative leaders. We make a broader impact on public education across Washington state by advocating for public policies that close the opportunity gap and provide all students their right to a high-quality education.


Impact Public Schools builds and operates world-class charter public schools in diverse communities across Washington state. IPS graduates are the problem solvers, innovators, and change agents of tomorrow. Within an equity-driven culture, we develop the whole child and inspire our students to live full, connected, and purposeful lives. We offer a rigorous, personalized curriculum within a vibrant school community that balances high expectations with joy. Our diverse group of scholars will solve our future's greatest challenges, and together we will eliminate the opportunity gap in Washington state.

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Core Values


We envision self-driven students and adults who develop the skills, habits, and mindsets to impact communities and invent the future. We support one another in achieving step-by-step excellence along the way. 


Diversity strengthens and enlivens us. Dissatisfied yet optimistic, we bring a lens of equity and inclusion to each decision and each day.


All of Washington is our team. We are powerful when we work together, so we build relationships based on empathy and strive together towards outstanding outcomes for all public school students. 


We approach each day as an opportunity to learn and grow. We work hard towards our own just-right goals, cheering each other on as we redefine potential.


We celebrate. We wonder. We ask. We make and invent and imagine. We play big. 


In the tiny and the huge, we keep the end in mind and reflect on the potential effects of our choices. 

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Launched in 2018, Impact Public Schools was founded on the principle that every student deserves a high quality, free, public education at a school that puts their needs first, regardless of their zip code, income or background.